Thursday, 26 April 2007

Flu bug

I have got a dreadful cold.....well I don't know whether it is the flu or just a cold, I feel dreadful, my nose is sore and I can't breathe, I just want to go to bed and lie down.
My work is all up to date for the time being anyway, the cd is done, the A4 layouts are started and the 12 x 12's have been launched. Everything seems to have come together to the onlooker but actually these things have been done for weeks we have been waiting for bits and pieces to arrive in the post before we could put them onto the website.
I am going over to the lake district this weekend with my dogs, if I feel better that is, to a competition....I'm not entering but Dougy dog is still not maturing, she has still got puppy ways lol lol

Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Baby Layouts

These layouts have been a long time in the making, getting the right quality card is essential for a professional looking finish, I tried all sorts of card and photograph paper but this was by far the best. Most photograph paper and card is not white, as I have found out over the past few weeks and I didn't realise, it certainly makes a difference to the finished result.
The intention is to have lots of different layouts in the future.
Here are our New A4 Layouts.....these are our new baby layouts, everything you need to make a card. These layouts are what we used in the cards and tags below. The card is of the highest quality it is 220gms with a soft sheen finish.

Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Baby Cards

I did this baby boy card and tag yesterday but I couldn't photograph it because the light had gone......the papers are our new 12 x 12's.....the tags and oval framies etc. will be coming soon. The baby girl card is also done with our new papers, I just love these they are sooooo sweet. I haven't had the chance to make many baby cards lately so I really enjoyed making these.

Friday, 20 April 2007

Art Work Papers

These are our new paper collections. These papers are taken from Willows original art work. The colours are absolutely beautiful.

Wednesday, 18 April 2007

New 12 x 12's

This is a very exciting time for us......we are now able to bring new paper products to Willow Designs, these papers are available in 12 x 12......8 x 8 and also A4, they are 120gms acid free and superb quality.....this is just the start of a whole new range of products, these papers are also soon to be available in kit form.......

Sunday, 15 April 2007

New FREE Download

Here is your new FREE download available from our website. It consists of 1...... approx. 8" x 8" scrapbook paper and 2 tags, 1 small and 1 large, all of these designs compliment our new Floral CD Rom.
If you are not into scrapbooking I'm sure these designs will make a beautiful card, gift tag or tag card.....whatever you want to do with them I hope you enjoy them.......a gift from Willow Designs ...just for you.

Floral Rose

This is the floral rose collection, I have only shown a few of the designs that can be printed but you get all the elements as shown in the lavender collection printed below. I have also included a large tag in all colours it is large enough to cut out and decorate......or if you cut it double would make a lovely shaped card.

More elements from our Floral cd

These papers are what I call plant in a pot also some of the dragonflies and a butterfly I have made up, plus some of the borders. Click on picture to have a closer look.

This is all original artwork from Willow. The card below has 2 little dragonflies around the greetings frame, they were cut from the border that you see in this picture. This is a card I have used with designs from the floral cd.......if you see any dark marks it is because I have used distress inks on isn't dirty lol lol.

Monday, 9 April 2007

This card has been made using the lavender papers below. I used the lavender check, the lavender patchwork frame 2 small dragon flies and the lavender hearts printed onto acetate. I cut an aperture into the centre front of the card, covered the whole of the inside with lavender check and then cut the aperture out again.I attached the acetate to the frame then attached the frame to the card placing it over the aperture. I used the happy birthday frame from Beyond Birthdays using my cricut machine and mounted it onto white card, attached 2 small dragon flies as shown, I then attached 2 small lavender hearts cut from Walk in my Garden also using my cricut.

Monday, 2 April 2007

New cd Papers

This is what I have been concentrating on for the past couple of days, these are some of the papers to go onto our new cd. Some of them are basic papers which are dots, stripes, checks the other papers are taken from Willow's original drawings, put onto the computer and made into backing papers. Some of them are taken from her stamp designs. There are patchwork tea bag papers which can be used as shown or they can be made up with all of the same pattern showing, if that makes sense, I will show them made up differently when I photograph the other coloured designs. There are also some atc backing papers with frames to match, even if you don't do atc's they will be useful made up as toppers for cards or useful as small frames for scrapbooking.