Friday, 21 September 2007

Trouser fitting

This pocket is finished, where the white dot is, I am also checking the length of the trousers, bottom white dot.

Here is the fold again with a longer view, I have had to really turn up the brightness so that I can see the image.

I knew when I started these trousers I was going to have bother with this fabric, you can't buy good fabric for £4 a metre.
Everytime I press a seam the fabric creases where steam has been so I haven't pressed the creases in the trousers as you can see. I am pressing my seams as I am going, when I am finished I will put the creases in.
I have another I put the extra effort in and line it worth it because I am not happy with the fabric. On a good note though, I like the style and the fit (with a few tweaks here and there) I am happy with them. I thought they maybe a bit too wide but after seeing the photographs they seem alright.

Trouser fitting

I have been fitting my navy trousers, this is a back view, I don't like this fold where the ? mark is. It may be just the way I am standing. I have finished the pocket on the ? mark side and not the other side so once I have finished the other pocket it might eliminate the fold.

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Thread tracing

I have cut my trousers out and started to thread trace. I have marked the darts with chalk and tacks. I am going to try and make these trousers very tailored so I am reading up on the techniques.
I haven't made any really tailored clothes .......such as suits and jackets, so I am going to give it a try, I always stick to safe things that I know I can manage, I pushed the bounderies with the chiffon blouse I made, it was tricky sewing that fabric but I like the results and it boosts your confidence when you have tried something new.
This fabric is a fine wool in dark navy blue, I generally go for a natural fibre with a bit of synthetic........I think this has a little bit of lycra in it.......which means it has stretch.
I got it for £4 a metre and was told it was fabric that is used by m&s, so I thought that can't be bad m&s use good fabric. We will see how they turn out.

Sunday, 9 September 2007

Transparent fabric

I thought this picture gives a better idea of how transparent this fabric is.

We had a lovely day.

We have had a lovely day at the christening of my nephew Ellis.
There was a beautiful spread afterwards and a disco for all of the kids, they danced, slid and generally ran amuck on the dance floor and they had a great time. I think there was about 80 people invited, it was more like a wedding than a christening.
I have posted some photographs of my finished blouse. I did make a camisole to go underneath my blouse, it was more like a vest really. I wanted it to cover my bra straps, it is made out of lining fabric....I wanted a duchess satin or a silk but I couldn't get the right colour,those fabrics were just changing the colour of the main fabric so I just opted for lining which was a perfect match, that was a nightmare to sew as well. Never mind I am happy with the results and I felt really comfortable wearing it. Trousers next on the adgenda.
I am shattered now so I'm putting my feet up to watch the telly.