Thursday, 25 March 2010


I have been trying different interfacings for my blouse......I have always, always used a light weight iron on interfacing for blouses but after reading David Coffin's shirtmaking book I have decided to try different natural fibres for interfacing.
In the picture above you are instructed to stay the neck edge because the v is on the bias.....I have used cotton organza .......I just pinked a strip of organza on the grain instead of using the selvage which wasn't wide enough.
Here are more of my interfacings.....on the bottom is bleached soft muslin for the fronts, then a strip of organza for the front neck stay and I think I will also use organza for the cuffs because I want something a little bit more substantial than the muslin. As you can see from the cuff above I have marked all my pieces and at last I am ready to do some sewing.

Here is little Miss Poser, she just loves the camera......I just have to tell her to sit and she will sit forever as long as she is the centre of attention she is one happy little dog.

Another one......she was still sitting there .......I had to walk away so she would follow me otherwise she would be there all day.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

BJ asked "I see those shoulders are way down the arm...did you adjust your pattern to change that, or will you leave that design element as is? Love the idea of a loose fitting white top. Your fabric is gorgeous!"
I have actually scaled this pattern down an enormous was far too big, it is an old pattern so this style is a bit dated......I took an inch out of the inside of each pattern piece.......I just made a 1/2" pleat down the centre of each pattern piece, then I took another inch out at the side seams. I took the pleat out of the back, put a seam in the yoke because of my round shoulders, because I have taken an inch out of the pattern pieces that made the sleeves too the sleeves aren't as dropped as in the photograph.....I had to do some extensive work on the sleeves, I still don't think they are right. I really wanted a basic shirt pattern, with a yoke, sleeves with a cuff so that I could build it into a shirt that fits me, I intend to add a collar to this at some time.
I don't suppose this shirt will be a perfect fit, it is really difficult IMHO to fit a loose fitting shirt.......if you try and fit it too much it ends up as a fitted shirt.

Saturday, 20 March 2010


This is the shirt I am trying to make.

Well I have eventually made a new pattern. I have been on for a few weeks now making a muslin and I have fitted it and refitted until there comes a point where it is the best it is going to get. I know it is not perfect, but this is an on going project to get a nice fitting shirt, I will probably keep tweaking after every shirt I make.......well I've got nobody to please but myself lol

This is a very basic shirt with a yoke, long sleeves with a cuff and a v neck opening, slits at the sides and it isn't's more of a loose fitting shirt.

This is the fabric I am using.....I bought this last year, it isn't fabulous quality it was about £5 a metre but I am not going to waste it. It has a flower design which goes across the fabric in strips. I didn't want the flowers across, I want them down so I have had to mess about with it to get the flowers the way I want them, I have wasted a bit of fabric in the process. This fabric is light and airy .....a very fine cotton. I am nearly finished cutting out then at last I can do some sewing, I hate's so frustrating.

Here is one of my sweethearts, this is Sky....she is 9years old and she is a working cocker spaniel. She is lying on her favourite blankets that are a little bit smelly to say the least, but she loves them.....yes they have been washed over and over. If she moves her blankets are carried with her, she stands on them and wonders why she cannot move lololol. Sky lives in the house now as she is the oldest dog we have got. I am besotted with her, she has got such a sweet nature and she loves to pose for the camera.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

New Phone

I have been treating myself to one of these little beauties. I have had so much fun messing around with this iphone. I tell you it can do most anything you ask it to do.....well most things........expensive but worth it.