Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Work Horse

This is my much loved machine......I have only had this one a couple of years, the one before this is an embroidery machine which is well used as well, I have pictures on my wall that have been embroidered using this machine.....that one will be about 15 years old and still works well. This machine is heavy weight and and is simply a work horse but it will also do some basic embroidery stitches. This machine is fabulous for heavyweight upholstery fabrics.

My machines a like part of the family to me, I can't bare to part with them......Sharon has my other one at the moment, only on loan of course. I also have an overlocker which I have had forever and that still goes well, I use it all of the time.

The saga continues

I have put the pocket on.....this was an ordeal because it had to be fitted over my boobs........fitted clothes don't look as good as ready made clothes off the clothes hanger because of the unusual shape of them. Can you see the bump where the pocket is, if that was ready made it would be flat.

I managed to match the pocket as well as I could because there is a whopping big dart underneath the pocket. I have also made the collar up, I don't know if I am going to use it yet, I might just make it into a round neck with a facing, I will see how it looks when it is made up.

Sunday, 24 June 2007

Right side

This picture is of the back shoulder dart, this dart looks more professional because it isn't so curved.
I must get on with my chores for the day instead of sitting here pondering how to make my darts look more professional lol lol

This is the right side of my dart.....I have done all the things I should have done to make this look professional and it looks far from professional to me, but we will have to wait and see, it's not over till the fat lady sings.......so they say.

Sewing and pressing

I have sewn, pressed and overcasted the two darts in the back of my blouse. When I was fitting this blouse the darts in the front and back were very wide so I decided I would cut them down and make them narrow and overcast them, they really could do with being clipped because they are curved but I thought better of it.
When you look in sewing books at seams that have been sewn they look so perfect.....this is actually the reality of it..... they are far from perfect.

Saturday, 23 June 2007

Cut out and marked

This writing on my blog never goes where I want it to....tut....infuriating

Here as you can see I have cut my pattern out and marked it and interfaced the appropriate pieces with iron on interfacing, the blue pen will wash out. I have also tacked the darts ready to sew.
I matched the 2 fronts when I was cutting out, but the rest of it is not matched because it was going to take too much fabric but I am happy with it at the moment.......what it will be like when it's made up I will have to wait and see.

Monday, 18 June 2007

Fabric and Pattern

Here is a picture of the fabric and pattern I am using....the fabric is different isn't it lol lol.....I have washed and pressed it ready for cutting out, I won't do that today because I may be going out later. When I saw this fabric made up it was a child's duvet cover.....lol lol......I hope it turns out alright, if it doesn't I can wear it to craft in....Willow thought it would be lovely made into a tote bag.
When I cut this out I will have to make sure I match the pattern fronts, so I won't have to put right sides of the fabric together when I cut it out, I will have to open the fabric out and cut out on the right side, one pattern piece at a time to make sure it matches.


I told you we were going to a dog competition yesterday, well here is one of the photographs we took.....it was lovely the rain kept off all day, we saw old friends and also made new ones all in all I thoroughly enjoyed it. They are the Cheviot Hills in the background.

Saturday, 16 June 2007


I don't know if anyone can tell by my photograph but I am a funny old shape.........I find it really difficult to find a shirt that fits me comfortably......I am not very keen on collars, they make my neck ache, I don't know why. So I have a favourite shirt pattern that I make my shirts out of, it is a simple round neck with 3/4 sleeves with a slit, a pocket and front fastening. It took me ages to fit this pattern to my shape but once I got it right I can just cut out and make up, I can also put a collar on this shirt because it fits me comfortably.
The reason I am telling you this is because I went into L. Ashley today as you do when you are shopping and I found some lovely cotton fabric that they used made up as a child's duvet cover, well I thought this fabric would make one of my shirts. I bought 2 metres and as it shrinks when you first wash it, I asked the assistant to check for me, I will wash it first, straighten the grain and press it then I will be ready to cut out, mark it and sew. It isn't as quick and easy as that but I am ready for a new one, I already have 3 of these shirts a pink cotton one, a white linen one and a beige linen one. I also have some pale lemon fabric to make another one. When I have washed and pressed the fabric I will take a photograph of it with the pattern.

The weather we have had over the past few days has been absolutely dreadful, the tall flowers in the garden have keeled over, rose petals are all over the lawn and I haven't even finished planting my bedding plants.
I hate wet weather because my dogs don't get the exercise they need, I don't mind showers but 24/7 torrential rain.......no! It looks as if it is going to start again, it's getting very dark......tut....
We are out tomorrow to a dog competition so I hope it dries up a little.