Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Finished trousers

I am finished my dog walking trousers, but once again I think they are too good to get muddy. The other thing about moleskin (not real moleskin, just given that title because of the feel of the fabric) it is designed to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer so lining is not an option.......this fabric stretches and goes out of shape with only one wearing, the pile goes flat and they generally look shabby straight away......cord does the same IMHO.......but these fabrics are ideal for what I want so I have to put up and shut up.I used chalk to transfer the markings from the pattern to my fabric.

I then thread traced so that I would have markings on both sides.
I used organza to stop the slant pocket from stretching and stitched it on by handusing a herringbone stitch.....I thought iron on interfacing would flatten the pile.
Here they are same as usual, I took a few pictures but they were absolutely appalling, this was the best one and no these are not my dog walking shoes lol
I went to Linton tweeds.....I mentioned in my last post......here is the fabric I bought, the assistant gave me some labels to stitch into my garments.

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