Thursday, 15 March 2007

No Inspiration

I have been on 2 days with this scrapbook page of Taylor and I'm no further forward. I haven't done much at all today.
There is a big venue on at the Newcastle Arena this weekend called Pins and Needles, I am in two minds whether to have a look or not. I have been there the last couple of times and I was disappointed I don't know why I keep going to tell you the truth.
My Mum has been buying herself a blood pressure machine.....I told her not to because if it was high she would worry, but she has a mind of her own my mother and takes no notice of me lol lol.....anyway if it keeps her mind occupied so be it. I still feel like a child when I'm in my mother's company, but to my mind she is always right, even if she is a million mile wrong I never contradict her. She keeps all the family right, dishing out advice, keeping them in line from the oldest to the youngest great grandchild and woe betied anyone who doesn't listen to her.

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