Friday, 9 March 2007


It's not as easy as I thought it would be ...this scrapping I mean...I was lying in bed trying to think up ideas. I am not a serious kind of person as far as creating is concerned, I do however like some kind of order to my work, I also do fact I love whimsicle and small, I love small. So what I am going to do is...... I am going to cut some shapes from my cricut using white card and paint them ( I'm no artist mind you ) then decoupage them and see what I come up with.......

I think ( I think too much for my own good sometimes lol lol) I am going to take my dogs out for a long walk, see if I can blow some cobwebs away and to stop me sitting and thinking about Ria (ouch it still hurts).

This where I am going today, the English countryside is beautiful isn't it. Click on the picture and have a good look, I hope Ria is somewhere like that romping around and having fun.

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