Sunday, 1 February 2009


I am afraid I can't upload any pictures as my camera is broken and I don't think it can be mended. I think we might be going for a new one sometime this week. We haven't had this Canon camera very long and it cost £350.00.....I am not paying that much again I can tell you, I hope I can get a one a lot cheaper than that.
I have made a second welt pocket and it is much better than the first one....the pattern I am using for my trousers doesn't have a welt pocket pattern so I have made one. I read all of the instructions the ladies from the Stitchers Guild gave me, then I altered the size to suit myself......I wrote all of my instructions down (needle positions, stitch sizes, every little detail I could think of) then I made a pattern. I can now add a welt pocket whenever I feel like it. When I make the welt pocket on my trousers I will take photographs (when I get my camera) and add them to my instructions.

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