Sunday, 15 February 2009

On the sewing front

Here is a view of the zip.....this is the best zip I have put in.....I used Sandra Betzina's fly front method, I must admit this fabric is lovely to work with and it is polyester.

I have taken a couple of pictures of this welt pocket. When I did my second sample of this welt pocket it was nearly perfect, but not quite......what happens when it's the real thing.....mistake after mistake. The corners of this pocket are not right by any means, I did the best I could and had to put some fray check into the corners to stop them fraying, which has left a mark, yes I did a sample first and it didn't mark, grrrrr. I don't think the mistakes are that noticeable but I know they are there. Never mind I will forget about them in time.

I couldn't get the right colour lining for this fabric, which was rather expensive for me at £15 a metre ( I needed 2mtrs 20cms), so I decided to make them a little bit special and line them with white silk( I bought 2 mtrs at £8 a mtr) doesn't change the colour of the fabric so I hope I have made the right choice. I must admit it doesn't feel very sturdy for a lining fabric.

I have just been adding up...these are not cheap trousers, approx. £50 for the fabric then take into account electricity, thread etc. and lots and lots of time spent on them. I hope they last me forever lol lol.

Here are just a few details...side pocket, topstitched.
I am making another pair of my TNT tailored trousers.

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