Monday, 27 April 2009

Vogue 8151

I have made this top a few times before and have never been satisfied with it....the bands at the front have never been tight and figure hugging ....... I think this top needs to be tight to get the right effect. I did everything you are not supposed to do when fitting.
I made this out of fine black jersey in fact it was among the drapey dance fabrics. It is quite fiddley to work with and I had to put it down once or twice because I was getting quite annoyed and losing my patience with it.
I still haven't mastered my coverstitch machine yet some of the stitching still isn't very straight, more practise is needed in that department I think.
I have had to really lighten thes pictures so that some of the details can be seen. The back is really pulling tight but at least the folds of the ruching can be seen.

I like the extra long length on the sleeves....I love the way they hang over my hands. Some of the ruching can be seen at the sides.

The front bands are pulled tighter than I have made them in my previous efforts, I did this by cutting approx. 2" from the bands. There is a seam allowance of 1" but this time I made a seam allowance of 11/2" to make it tighter.

This isn't fitted right....but who cares?......I like the way it hangs and drapes. The side seams are pulling to the front because I didn't do my usual FBA so there isn't enough room in the front for my bust so the back is pulling tight. When I have made this before it didn't feel right and certainly didn't drape the way it should but because it is tight it looks better...who cares where the side seams are.

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sharon said...

I agree..tighter is better. :)x