Friday, 1 May 2009


I have an update on the Calvin Klein blouse above .......I was onto my third muslin for this blouse and it took me three weeks of raxing my brains to try and get a decent fit, I know I said I was satisfied with the fit a couple of posts ago but I had another look and decided it wasn't right at all. I have put it away in my cupboard until a later date because I was getting irritated with it.....I may come back to it ....or maybe not.
At the moment I am making a pair of my TNT trousers in a white cotton and linen mix....I am going to put a welt pocket in the back again, hopefully the pocket bag won't be seen because I am fully lining them. These trousers will go with my new black top I have just finished......I haven't had it on yet, I will wait until I have finished my trousers.
Normally when I make these trousers I thread trace all the seams and the hems etc. then I thought to myself, I have made these so many times surely I don't have to do this every time. This time I have only marked the darts, zip and pocket markings to see if I can make them a little bit normally takes me anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks ( because I have a limited amount of sewing time ) to make them and I am very slow.

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