Saturday, 23 June 2007

Cut out and marked

This writing on my blog never goes where I want it to....tut....infuriating

Here as you can see I have cut my pattern out and marked it and interfaced the appropriate pieces with iron on interfacing, the blue pen will wash out. I have also tacked the darts ready to sew.
I matched the 2 fronts when I was cutting out, but the rest of it is not matched because it was going to take too much fabric but I am happy with it at the moment.......what it will be like when it's made up I will have to wait and see.


sharon said...

oohh I do love that material..any going spare for a tote

willowsmum said...

Hi Sharon
I have got a little bit of fabric left and you are quite welcome to might make a tote for one of your fairies lol lol lol

sharon said...

hahah..very funny..!

Karen said...

Yeah I think I have done it!

Going to look lovely made up Willowsmum