Wednesday, 4 March 2009

At last they are finished

I have finished these trousers at last. I love this welt pocket but I practised it a few times before I tried it on my trousers.

To be fair to myself there are a few of the finer details that I had never done before so I spent at least 2 weeks trying to perfect them. I am really pleased with the fit of these, I have made them 3 times before but I always thought the legs were too wide. To get a better fit I took one inch seams instead of the usual 5/8 inch on the width of the legs and right through the hips and waist. I then narrowed the darts by 1/8 inch on all legs to keep the size of the waist the same.
I couldn't take a full picture of myself.....I didn't look my best lol lol
Back of trousers...I love the fit through the back and the way the welt pocket looks. I didn't put any belt loops on, I don't wear a belt and I don't suit clothes tucked in to my waist.

I also like the fit at the front and the crotch seem to fit better on these trousers than on the others.

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