Tuesday, 10 March 2009


It actually doesn't look much different but I feel more comfortable in it and that is more important to me.

I didn't know what I had let myself in for and I don't know how many times I pulled buttonholes out that had gone wrong...ugh.... anyway the first 2 buttonholes were really tight .....I used my sensor buttonhole....until I realised I would have to use a bigger button in the back of my buttonhole foot to allow for the depth of the covered buttons, after that the buttons went through the buttonholes quite easily. I also used some fray check on them incase they started to fray.

I spent a good few hours changing the loops to buttonholes, which wasn't an easy task because there is only a double stitched small hem up the middle at both sides.

I thought about this for a few days before I actually did it because I was worried incase I spoilt it.....I thought I might be able to put an interfaced facing up the front......I decided the top of the interfacing would have a messy edge to it because I could not continue right round to the centre back because of the neck ties. I decided to put buttonholes onto the double hem at the front. I used a double thickness of stitch and tear.

I made this top , view C, sometime last year.....I have never been satisfied with it because of these

loops instead of buttonholes.....I have still worn it but I always felt that the middle gaped and looked untidy.

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