Thursday, 5 March 2009


I have been on a shopping spree, well last week really.
Left is a beautiful red nail polish by Clarins, I also bought some tinted moisturiser which is a foundation ( I can't wear heavy make up) also from Clarins both were quite expensive but they will last me a while...if you keep your nail varnish in the fridge it will last a long, long time and won't go thick and awful.

I went to numerous shops looking for shoes....I didn't want high heels (they are alright if you are going out and just sitting) I wanted shoes that I could actually walk in and be comfortable. Could I find any? No in a word. Eventually after shopping for 3 days running I was successful.

These are the ballet shoes below, they are from M&S and are reasonably priced at £35.....they are really comfortable.

I absolutely love these sandals below.....they are from a Charles Clinkard outlet shop, the designer is Marco Tozzi. I saw these sandals and tried them on, they are very comfortable and the heel is just right for me......they are round about the £50 mark, but because it is an outlet shop they were reduced to £39.99. If however you bought 2 pairs of shoes you got the second pair for 25% off.....well I wasn't going to pass on a bargain.....I searched that shop high and low for another pair of shoes that I liked but I couldn't find any. What did I do?

Here you see below another pair the same only in a tan leather. These are also very comfortable and the sales assistant informed me if I had to have them heeled to make sure the person who is heeling them knows there is a shock absorber in the heel and not to remove it.

So all in all I was very happy with my purchases.

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