Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Inside workings

I don't like stiff waistbands.....I like them to be comfortable so I use two layers of very firm iron on interfacing. I always make my waistbands 1" wide and lately I have been backing them with lining fabric so that they are not bulky......I stitch the lining onto the waistband by hand with felling stitches. This takes quite a few hours of hand sewing but my waistband is not bulky and it looks very tailored, IMHO.
My thread is passed through beeswax a couple of times and ironed in between layers of muslin to remove the excess wax.
Waxed thread
This is what the inside of my waistband looks like before I have lined it........

The stitches are catch stitches holding the lining of the trousers and the waistband facing together, I also took out bulk from darts and so on before I did this.This is a clearer picture.....basting top and bottom of waistband, catch stitches holding fabric and lining together and the end of the waisband turned in and hemmed trying to keep the end of the waistband square. This picture is from the right side of my trousers.

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