Friday, 15 January 2010

More waistband finishes

I have pinned the waistband lining onto the back of my waistband ready to be felled.....I will just do about 15 minutes at a time because it strains my eyes. I only have the waistband to do and the hems and as I can only do a little at a time I will start on my white blouse.
I must say David Page Coffin's book on shirt making is very, very interesting and I am really enjoying it. The other 2 books I have bought (previous post) I have only briefly looked at but they will be very useful as well spent.
This is the back of the pointed overlap on the waistband, catch stitches and the point is hemmed, I will only take the lining to end of the catch stitches and square it off instead of trying to take it to the end of the point.
Closer view of the point.

This is the front of the waistband.

A better picture of my welt pocket.....the last one was terrible.
I have got my white fabric for my shirt in the washing machine, I am going to take it out to dry and have a cuppa.

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Lindalouise said...

I was looking at your pictures on Flickr. You do very nice work. Great detail, fit & know appropriate style & color to enhance you.