Friday, 1 January 2010

Summing up

Summing up what I have done over the last year.....which isn't very much, and I must do better this year.......3 pairs of trousers, 1 top and a scalf, it really is pathetic considering what some people sew. To be fair to myself my mother was very, very poorly and I can't concentrate on anything when I am worried.....then I spent several weeks trying to fit muslins for 2 blouses, I did eventually put them both to one side because I got fed up of them, I will get them out again to try. Fitting gets me so frustrated.

I am trying to get organized with my sewing so I am making a pair of Spring/Summer trousers from my TNT pattern and I am half way.

This is my welt pocket.....still with the chalk lines.......not a very good picture either. I am putting in a full loose lining and I 'm using bremsilk from MacCulloch and Wallis. I am wanting a white blouse (very loose fitting) to go with these, I also want a pair of navy flat pumps

This is the shirt pattern that I love and is probably out of print, I have had it for years and is only in a size 14 but it is huge and might be alright with a FBA. I have made view A before many years ago but it was far too big and I didn't have the know how to make it smaller so it was no good by the time I had finished with it, but I still love the relaxed design.

I think I will try view C this time but I will have to do a dreaded muslin before I start...oh how I wish I didn't have to alter patterns.....really, that is what takes up my sewing time ......tut!

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