Saturday, 20 March 2010


This is the shirt I am trying to make.

Well I have eventually made a new pattern. I have been on for a few weeks now making a muslin and I have fitted it and refitted until there comes a point where it is the best it is going to get. I know it is not perfect, but this is an on going project to get a nice fitting shirt, I will probably keep tweaking after every shirt I make.......well I've got nobody to please but myself lol

This is a very basic shirt with a yoke, long sleeves with a cuff and a v neck opening, slits at the sides and it isn't's more of a loose fitting shirt.

This is the fabric I am using.....I bought this last year, it isn't fabulous quality it was about £5 a metre but I am not going to waste it. It has a flower design which goes across the fabric in strips. I didn't want the flowers across, I want them down so I have had to mess about with it to get the flowers the way I want them, I have wasted a bit of fabric in the process. This fabric is light and airy .....a very fine cotton. I am nearly finished cutting out then at last I can do some sewing, I hate's so frustrating.

Here is one of my sweethearts, this is Sky....she is 9years old and she is a working cocker spaniel. She is lying on her favourite blankets that are a little bit smelly to say the least, but she loves them.....yes they have been washed over and over. If she moves her blankets are carried with her, she stands on them and wonders why she cannot move lololol. Sky lives in the house now as she is the oldest dog we have got. I am besotted with her, she has got such a sweet nature and she loves to pose for the camera.

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BJ in TX said...

I see those shoulders are way down the arm...did you adjust your pattern to change that, or will you leave that design element as is? Love the idea of a loose fitting white top. Your fabric is gorgeous!