Sunday, 21 March 2010

BJ asked "I see those shoulders are way down the arm...did you adjust your pattern to change that, or will you leave that design element as is? Love the idea of a loose fitting white top. Your fabric is gorgeous!"
I have actually scaled this pattern down an enormous was far too big, it is an old pattern so this style is a bit dated......I took an inch out of the inside of each pattern piece.......I just made a 1/2" pleat down the centre of each pattern piece, then I took another inch out at the side seams. I took the pleat out of the back, put a seam in the yoke because of my round shoulders, because I have taken an inch out of the pattern pieces that made the sleeves too the sleeves aren't as dropped as in the photograph.....I had to do some extensive work on the sleeves, I still don't think they are right. I really wanted a basic shirt pattern, with a yoke, sleeves with a cuff so that I could build it into a shirt that fits me, I intend to add a collar to this at some time.
I don't suppose this shirt will be a perfect fit, it is really difficult IMHO to fit a loose fitting shirt.......if you try and fit it too much it ends up as a fitted shirt.

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