Friday, 8 February 2008

Skirt details

Finished skirt hem and I had to overcast the top of the skirt facing by hand.......I couldn't risk cutting into the seam allowance with my overlocker again.

Outside view of side slit after pressing.

This is an inside view of the side slit.....I used a catch stich to attach the facing to the lining.

This is a back view of the zip stitched in by machine......I could have stitched it in by hand but I quite like a row of straight stitching where the zip is......I need to attach the fastener at the back.

I always make my waistband 1" wide so that it is comfortable.....I machine stitch it on from the right side, turn it to the wrong side and hem by hand into every machine stitch this makes a very neat finish.

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