Friday, 1 February 2008

Marking and thread tracing

These pictures were taken a while ago of my trousers I was making. I had altered the pattern, cut them out and was busy marking amd thread tracing them, I find thread tracing very useful because it marks the fabric on both sides.

The little metal measuring gauge is an invaluable little tool. I mark my fabric with tailors chalk first then thread trace to make the markings permanent. I use embroidery silks for thread tracing, they are soft and don't leave a mark and also because I have lots and lots of them in all different colours, I don't embroider anymore and rather than waste them I am using them up.

The other picture you see is the fly fronted zipper marked with tailors chalk and then thread traced.

I have finished these trousers and have worn them numerous times, I will take a picture of me wearing them in another post. I had about a metre of this fabric left which is a dark grey worsted wool.......that is what I am making my skirt out of.

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