Friday, 1 February 2008


Zip finally installed.....inside view with the underling showing.
These pictures won't go where I want them to go......arghhhh!!

I told you I had made mistakes on this skirt......can you see where I have got overcasting, well that bit is the slit that goes at the side.....I thought I could do no more than just machine overcast these side seams, what did I do nearly cut right through the seam line with the knife on the machine.......I just sat there stunned that I could be so stupid. I sat and composed myself wondering what to do.......firstly I got out my fray check to stop it fraying....sat back and did a bit more wondering and decided to try and mend it..I stitched it together as best I could, luckily the cut didn't go right through the seam line but I will have to make the side seam a little wider.

I have underlined this skirt instead of my usual separated lining and I find it is much better. I stitched the darts separately in the fabric and the lining first then joined the 2 pieces overlocker, which I have had for many, many years has never had the cutting knife changed, when I joined the 2 fabrics together at the side seams the old knife just couldn't cope.....the stitching was appaling and the knife just wasn't cutting the fabric at all.....more sitting wondering what to do the side seams were a I pulled all of the stitches out and did them again after changing to a new knife.

I also made a mess of the zip and had to redo that......every time I pick this skirt up I make mistakes.

This is the skirt I am making, it is an Anne Klein design, Vogue 2047.
I have made a few changes to this skirt.....I have put slits at both sides instead of just one side and lengthened it to just below my knee, I am going to put 2 side pockets in, I have also added a seam allowance and inserted the zip into the back of the skirt, it was previously a side zip and no seam allowance at the back.

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