Saturday, 1 May 2010


This is my collection of fabrics or stash as everyone calls it......this is a blanket box that I have had for about 40 years, it was covered with quilted vinyl and had yellow flowers all over it so I recovered it and I keep my precious fabrics inside, it keeps them dust and grime free. This is all the stash I have, there maybe 20 or so different fabrics, I won't buy anymore until there is room inside for more...... as you can see it is full to the brim with fabrics that I love. The flowered fabric on top is what is left over from my latest project.

I am still not quite sure about the design on this shirt but the fabric is really lovely to wear.
This fits a lot better than the white shirt since I altered the neckline.
I like it open like this, I think the white camisole underneath breaks up the flowered pattern.
I think I will get some wear out of this in the summer, I didn't think I would wear it at all but it is growing on me just like the flowers lol lol. As you can see I have no furniture or carpets in my dining room, we have builders in at the moment we are having our kitchen extended.

My desk is cleared for my next project......same pattern but green silk, this is lovely fabric.

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