Thursday, 29 April 2010

Shopping again

I went shopping on Sunday of all days when the world and its children were out shopping...tut.....anyway I bought some fabric for more shirts and at last some fabric for a relaxed jacket and more linen for trousers. The thing is, and this is not an excuse to buy fabric, but I have to buy what I like when I see it otherwise it would be gone when I go back if that makes sense lol lol

Above.....from the left.....dark navy linen for trousers, £14.50 a metre.....good quality. Breathable lining in navy and sage £9.95 a metre, this is beautiful lining from John Lewis.

Above from the left .......a herringbone linen, it is blue but in fact it might be more of a violet, lovely colour, for a relaxed jacket, I am not quite sure if I suit tailored jackets, this was £13.50 a metre. The other fabric is for a shirt and is described as an ethnic floral and is £12 a metre, very pretty colours and is a viscose.

I am not quite sure about these 2 fabrics.....they are both 100% cotton the white is a slub weave at £6 a metre, the blue is an Oxford cotton also at £6 a metre both fabrics are for shirts but they feel a little stiff to me......maybe if I wash them a few times it will soften them up.

I posted I had bought this bag the other day.....well I tried to get all of my stuff in and it was just too small so I returned it and bought this one
Lovely soft tan leather.....scrummy if that is the right word.

I also needed some new make up.....well not really but I couldn't resist these from my favourite Clarins........eye shadow palette, a highlighter for cheek bones and brow arches and anywhere else you care to highlight and a tinted lip balm, all summer colours apparently.

Last but not least a dark maroon.....darker than it looks here.....nail varnish, there were four in a pack, this is one of them.

My flowery shirt only needs the cuffs , buttonholes and buttons stitched on.....I like it better than I did but I'm still not husband says he would wear it, not in my size he wouldn't lol lol

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