Sunday, 11 April 2010

Finished shirt

I am calling this a shirt because I didn't want a fitted blouse, I wanted a slouchy shirt something relaxed and casual. Did I achieve that?......I don't know, I think I have too many curves and bulges but I am happy with the result even though there are lots of fitting issues to be sorted.

This is the shirt that I absolutely love

a Calvin Klein big slouchy shirt........this is my interpretation

as you can see the shoulders are slipping to the back but they are like that on the pattern picture as well. I could have added more darts but that would have been a fitted blouse and that isn't what I am looking for. This shirt would have been massive, I have had to take out about 4" from the width and about 2" from the sleeves, add a dart and do a FBA, the yoke..... I had to do extensive alterations because of my round shoulders, I also had to put a seam down the middle and add extra width.

The sleeves also had a lot of alterations, they weren''t long enough, they were far too wide, I had to extend the top of the armsye to accomodate my large shoulders and take out some pleats from the cuff .

The shoulder seam was too far down the arm so I adjusted for that as well. I am happy with everything except the shoulders, but I will have to live with it unless I want it more fitted.

These pictures are with my tailored trousers.

These pictures are with the navy chino cotton trousers I have just finished, I suppose I could wear my trainers with these for a more casual look.

These are with my white cotton and linen trousers, lovely and light an airy for summer.....not sure about the earrings. I tried a leather belt at my waist that was a no no, it looked ridiculous.

This little one had to get in on the act wanting her belly tickled usual.

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