Tuesday, 20 April 2010

I'm not sure about this fabric at all......ugh....I thought it was a really sweet, feminine, airy, summer cotton but it just reminds me of my grandma's flowerey all in one aprons that she used to wear. I should follow my instincts and I should know after all of my mistakes that I am a plain and simple sort of person and I just don't suit busy fabric designs. I am going to finish it though.
I have got the neckline done, I actually altered the neckline by taking a 1/4" wedge from the front neckline and tapering to nothing at the armsye, I am hoping this will stop the shoulder seams pulling to the back but .....who knows.

I pinned a sleeve in just to see if it would look a little bit better......no it doesn't.

It is lovely fabric and sews up beautifully, maybe I can wear it as sleepwear lol lol

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