Thursday, 1 April 2010

White blouse

This is the placket and pleats before the cuff goes on, I haven't done a sleeve with a cuff for a long time, I generally do 3/4 sleeves with a vent so I am enjoying doing this.

Another view, this is lovely fabric to work with, it is very delicate and airy.

This is the neckline and the facing, this is a big shirt, I have already taken out about 2" in width and it is still a big shirt......I hope I am going to like it.

This is the bust dart which I had to add for a bit of shaping, it was about a 2" dart so I had to trim and overcast it with a small zig zag stretch stitch, it looks a lot better trimmed down.

This is my iron, which I have had for over 20 years. It is a Hashima H1-350PS.....this looks a little bit dated but believe me this little contraption does the business, I don't use a sole plate either they are a real nuisance I would rather use a muslin cloth. The ironing board which my iron is standing on is about 40 years old, the top of it fell to bits so my DH put me a piece of plywood on top and screwed it is wider than an average ironing board and is padded with flananette and a white ironing board cover on top which I made, I need a new one this one is quite discoloured now.

I know this looks a little strange, I have a hook with which to hang it from the ceiling but I would rather use this just incase it falls.

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