Monday, 5 April 2010

Shopping again

I bought the two fabrics below over a year ago and I had decided to wash and dry them ready to sew them when I finish my white blouse..... so I went shopping today for some buttons for my white blouse and some thread for the fabrics below. The plain lighter green fabric is linen the other is lining.

This fabric is silk which has to dry cleaned but I put it on a delicate wash and it is fine, I can't be doing with dry cleaning blouses.

These are now washed and dried and put away in my box ready to be used..... however when I went shopping today I found some fabric for another summer shirt.

Now I am not a flowery person at all.....I am plain and simple really, but I saw this lovely crinkle cotton print which caught my eye. This was £5.95 a metre and I got 3 metres which cost me nearly £18.00.....not a cheap blouse when you can buy RTW cheaper, probably not the same quality though.

This is a closer look, lovely for summer.

I think I might wash this fabric for my next project......I'll see.

These are the other things that I bought, the white stuff is interfacing, a very lightweight interfacing which I bought for the silk shirt, the other interfacing is for stretch fabrics which I have never used before. The cream coloured threads are silk for the silk blouse and the green is pure cotton for the linen trousers. The buttons are lovely little shirt buttons with a gold trim, they were half price so I bought 24, I have had them before and they look lovely on white fabric. They won't be getting anymore so I bought extra.

All this little lot cost me £50 and a few pence, sewing is an expensive hobby.

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