Thursday, 22 April 2010

Ready to wear

I bought 3 tops when I went shopping yesterday and I'm not quite sure that I love any of them. I think I am so used to making my things I really don't know what to buy and if I am satisfied with the fit of them.
This is the first one, I don't mind the fabric, I think the style is a little young for me, I like the colour but I don't think I suit collars.
This little dog does make me laugh..........anyway on to the second, this fabric isn't very good it is also a dirty white......I think it is a poor quality voil, I don't like the grandad collar on this one, so this one is definitely a NO, even though Sky seems to like it lol lol

Very bad photograph......I love this fabric, it is linen and very pretty colours but it is one of those styles that makes you look pregnant, I am not keen on the neckline so I don't think I will be keeping this one either.

So I dont like any of these tops and the fabric of my latest project is awful.......I'm really having a great time......NOT

I really love this,

which I bought to go with these,


willowsmum said...
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Anonymous said...

I think the white one is the most flattering and makes you look the youngest. :) I really like how it looks on you. B.